Announcing Online Psychology’s partnership with Talked

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Talked, one of Australia’s leading online therapy platforms that specializes in providing Medicare rebated online psychologist therapy services to individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, stress, and other mental health issues. At Online Psychology, our goal has always been to provide easy and affordable access to quality mental health services, and we believe that this partnership with Talked will help us achieve that goal. And

Behavioural Intervention Technologies: Reality or Virtual Reality?

Virtual humans, social media, gaming. Does this sound like the future of mental health care? Well, it could be. Behavioral intervention technologies (BITs) refer to behavioral and psychological interventions that use technology to address behavioral and mental health outcomes. Potential BITs have the potential to reach people who cannot otherwise access mental health care. And

Medicare Rebate for Online Counselling

Did you know you may now be eligible to claim a rebate from Medicare if you’re in a rural or remote area and receiving online psychology services? The Australian Government’s Better Access initiative has recognised recent evidence that shows telehealth consultations (online counselling) can be effective in treating certain mental health challenges. This is great

Can Online Therapy Help Rural Teenagers Re-connect?

Receiving online psychology services is becoming more accepted and widespread by people of all age groups. Nelson and Bui (2010), in their review of telepsychology, noted that the vast majority of users of online psychological services experience a high level of satisfaction. They provided the following example to highlight the potential benefits and challenges of