How to Get Workers Compensation Psychology Support

If you have been injured while on the job, at work, or while commuting to and from work, you may be eligible for psychology treatment services under your state or territory’s workers compensation scheme. In this article we will show you how to access Workers Compensation Psychology easily in each state and territory today and ensure that you can look after your mental health during your recovery. 

What are workers’ compensations schemes? 

In Australia, employers are legally required to have insurance to protect their workers if they get sick or injured due to work. This insurance, known as workers’ compensation, serves as a vital safety net for employees in such situations.

Workers’ compensation provides financial support and rehabilitation services, helping you focus on recovery without worrying about costs. It can cover part of your wages during recovery, medical expenses, and other treatment costs. In case of permanent impairment, it may pay a lump sum. If a worker is fatally injured, it covers funeral expenses and provides support for dependents. Additionally, it offers various supports like education, training, domestic help, and access to medical and rehabilitation specialists.

Workers’ compensation schemes in Australia

Australia features 11 primary workers’ compensation schemes, linking injured employees to support and services from their employers’ insurers. These include a scheme for each state and territory, along with three Commonwealth schemes, each governed by its own laws and varying in operation.

How to access workers’ compensation psychology

In order to access a workers’ compensation psychologist, such as through Talked’s Workers’ Compensation Program, you must have funding from an existing worker’s compensation claim with the relevant workers’ compensation scheme provider. This process requires a few steps that need to be followed:

  1. Consult with your GP: You must speak with your consulting doctor for the workers’ compensation claim. The doctor will assess your mental health and psychological needs before making a determination on whether psychological services are appropriate.
  2. Referral to a psychologist: If psychological support from a psychologist is deemed necessary by your doctor, they will refer you to a psychologist, for example, one of Talked’s approved workers’ compensation psychologists. Please note that this referral will also need to be approved by your workers’ compensation insurer so please inform your case manager.
  3. Starting Workers’ Compensation Psychology: Starting your psychology support will require you or your case manager to provide the relevant referral details to your psychologist so that they can be position themselves to help you.


Please note that depending on your insurer, case manager or the specific case, the requirements or regulations in the state, territory or scheme may need to be met before you can access the psychology support and in turn gain funding. It is best to check with your insurer or case manager to ensure you have met all the requirements. The team at Online Psychology and Talked can help you with any questions you have.

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